Henry Purcell: Trumpet Tune

This page plays the Trumpet Tune written by the English Baroque composer, Henry Purcell.

The organ is a virtual organ and is that of the Old Independent church in Haverhill, which is in Suffolk, England, in the UK, and was built by the Leeds based organ builder, JJ Binns in 1901. (The virtual organ has been extended, but standard stops are used in this recording)
This organ, without the virtual extensions, has 34 stops in three manual divisions, and 8 stops in its pedal division. There is a full complement of combination pistons and couplers, and a tremulant. The most notable stop on this organ is the magnificent Trompet en Chamade which features very strongly in both pieces recorded for this site.
The arrangement is by the performer.
Click on the Player controls to play the performance.

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