My Little Guitar Collection
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Welcome to my little "Guitars Page".
I put it together because I am often asked about my guitars - so now anyone can see them!

The video loop in the centre of this section of the page may not play in all browsers.
I may be able to make it available for more browsers at some point in the future..

Six guitars of the nine that I own

I have been playing guitar for 60+ years now.
What a thought!
Over all those years, styles have changed, and so also have guitar techniques.
I use to play exclusively with a plectrum, whether I was playing acoustically or electrically.
Now I tend to play with my fingers - often just my forefinger and thumb.
I never quite got the hang of "tapping" (
a la Eddie Van Halen) so maybe my rock guitar style has not quite kept up with the times.
Eventually I will record sound samples of each guitar for you to hear.

Eight of my 10 guitars are shown below - I decided that it's better to have several reasonable guitars of various types,
rather than having just one that cost you thousands of pounds!

Gibson Les Paul Studio - loading Fender acoustic - loading Fender Squier Stratocaster - loading
My Gibson Les Paul Studio
Black Lacquer and Gold Plated metallics.
My Fender acoustic.
Not USA made (Korean) but with perfect intonation and action.
My Fender Squier Stratocaster in Sunburst.
OK, very cheap but plays well and sounds good.
Dobro all-steel resonator - loading Hohner Apache - loading Fleetwood electro-acoustic - loading
My Dobro all steel body resonator.
Made in 1928 and restored by Johnny Cincaid in 2001.
My 1961 Hohner Apache.
(Made by Fenton-Weill)
Not playable - to be restored.
My Fleetwood electro-acoustic.
Smooth sound and smooth action.

My Fender Stratocaster.
It's a White, Special Edition 60
Fenlanders plus Hohner Apache
My Hohner Apache in 1963.
(My group: "The FenlanderZ")
PRS Custom
My Paul Reed Smith custom.
Recently acquired.

You can buy a 19-track CD featuring some of my music played on guitars, organs and various virtual instruments.
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