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Sample Set for the free Enigma Organ designed by Al Morse

Note: The Enigma Sample Sets produced by Al Morse are no longer available. They are obsolete, and Al has discontinued support for them.

The good news, however, is that Al has produced many other, newer, sample sets, and he is now able to host them on his own site, where he also has a number of Hauptwerk Tools available.

The pages containing Al's new sample sets are at: http://home.comcast.net/~morse/content_freeorgans.html

Here are three demonstration tracks, recorded by Al Morse, and very kindly sent by him for inclusion on this page
1. Edward Elgar, Enigma Variations, Nimrod No plug-in support detected. Cannot play MP3 file.
2. Camille Saint-Saens, Organ Symphony, Maestoso No plug-in support detected. Cannot play MP3 file.
3. Carl F. Mueller, Laudamus Te No plug-in support detected. Cannot play MP3 file.

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