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(Please note that the bench shown on this page is now sold)

Following my successful venture building my own Hauptwerk Virtual organ, I have been approached by many people who wished to know how to go about undertaking a similar project. And so I have been working with Kevin Carter, who is a highly skilled and experienced high-quality furniture maker in Wiltshire, to see whether we can produce, and if so, whether there is sufficient demand for the wooden components of an organ.

The High Quality Organ Bench

This is our first high quality organ bench.
This product is made from high quality solid ash, and is jointed throughout with mortise and tenon joints.
high quality bench
The bench is wide enough to fit comfortably over a standard 30-note concave radiating pedalboard - internally the legs are 42" apart.
If you are planning for a 32-note pedalboard please let us know its width at the toe and heel ends.
The seat is 42" x 11", and has a brass-hinged lid, as it houses a sheet-music store which is deep enough and large enough to hold a sizeable library.

 Lid open
There is a foot rest at the front running the length of the bench, and at a height of 8" which should leave adequate clearance for the pedalboard whilst remaining comfortable for the organist.
The bench is finished to a thoroughly professional standard.
end of bench

The bench is usually supplied unstained, but for an extra charge it can be stained or polished with a range of finishes.
The bench height above the pedals is adjustable over 3 steps over 3". This is achieved by sliding the seat box into a set of wooden rails.
seat adjustment rails
The distance to the bench top from the floor can be adjusted from 25" to 28".
This provides a typical distance from the playing surface of the  D1 pedal of 21" to 24", which is very broadly acceptable in RCO documentation (in England/UK)
lid openthe bench

Please note that the bench does not have the inset bench top design shown on the right.

The current design has been amended so that the bench top is flat, but decorated with a thin cut around the outer frame of the bench top.

If you are interested in having one of these benches made for you, please email my_music.site@yahoo.co.uk

At present we expect a lead time of around six weeks. If you would prefer a specific colour of stain or polish, please indicate it on your enquiry.

This design of bench is made to order and costs about 350 excluding staining or polishing.

As the price may vary with the number of orders (Kevin is able to make five benches simultaneously more cheaply than five separately), please indicate how long you might be willing to wait.

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