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I have now designed the PCBs for the Stop Labelling Project, and have made these available as part of a Core Kit of Components for constructing this labelling project. The Kit includes the PCBs, professionally laser cut Stop Plates, and a micro-controller and software to run the labelling system.

The kit includes a detailed Construction Manual illustrating every stage of construction by photographs & diagrams.

You may download a description of the Core Kit by clicking on the cover image of the document shown in the panel on the immmediate right - note that this file opens in a new browser tab, and can be printed and saved.

You can order the Kit, or seek answers to questions  about it via the email address
You can also use that email address or click here to order the Construction Manual separately from the Core Kit, if you'd like full details of what is involved in the construction before you commit to it.

The Construction Manual also explains how you can have the Project constructed for you: Options range from just having the PCB connectors soldered in, to having components fitted in place on the stop plates, so that all you have to do is to put the stop plates into a plywood housing, connect cables from each stop jamb to your PC, and from the stop switches and their LEDs to a MIDI Encoder and Decoder via the two sockets provided on each set of ribbon cables.

Finally, don't forget the Construction Videos on my (KASpencerUK) YouTube channel!

My new book:
"All about Hauptwerk"
is available now from:

All about your Computer

Buy from Lulu and email us for  a free PDF of this book

A full explanation of how to setup and use Hauptwerk: keyboards/ pedalboard/  expression pedals/ and controller accessories.

There are designs for a pedalboard and console

Multi-channel audio setup, convolution reverb setup, tuning and temperament are also covered.

When youy get your copy from Lulu, email us a copy of your Lulu invoice and we'll send you a free personal copy of the book in PDF format, and in full colour.

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