Acer refuses to help with Projector Problem

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The Acer XD1150 Projector has a serious error in its eOpening Software. Acer ignore all requests for help with the issue.

The Acer XD1150 Projector

The Acer DX1150 Projector is undoubtedly a useful product. But it suffers from a very significant problem.
Software, named eOpening, which accompanies the projector is designed to allow a user to upload an image into the projector which then forms the opening screen when the projector is first switched on. But that software has a major defect: it loads image partially into space occupied by the projector's firmware. Thus overwriting the projector's operating system.
If this happens to you, your projector will cease to function. Completely. It simply does not start.

Acer's Response to this Issue

The Acer Support Forum ( has several requests from users of Acer projectors for assistance with this issue. But none have managed to get Acer to help. All Acer ask a user to do is to pay for a repair by returning the projector to an approved service agent. Yet this problem is one directly caused by the software error in software developed and issued by Acer themselves.

We know that Acer accept that the error exists - here is one of their Support Answers:

Frequently Asked Questions

PD311, XD1150, XD1170D, XD1280D

Q: The projector may crash or lock up when the user tries to download a customised image.
The size limit of customised image in Acer eOpening Management software (versions before is 310KB. If an image greater than 310KB is used, it may cause the system to crash or "lock up."
To recover a "locked up" projector, it is necessary to flash the projector firmware:
 - Download DLP Composer software and the appropriate projector firmware for the unit.
 - Connect a USB cable between the computer and the projector.
 - Launch the DLP Composer software.
 - Power on the Projector.
 - Choose the new firmware file and update the projector firmware.

To load a new image as the projector start up screen, download Acer eOpening Management software v2.1.17.5 or later.


Note that these instructions include the words "Download DLP Composer [...] and appropriate projector firmware". But a most thorough search of the Acer website, and telephone calls to Acer simply get the response "The firmware is not available to end users. It is available only via official Acer Service Agents." And of course that is at the user's expense.

Read this statement on the Acer Community Forum:

Re: Where can I download the firmware for my Acer projector?
(Search using the above text to see the post)

 12-04-2012 02:13 AM

Good day
The firmware is not for external use, only internal use [...].


So What can you Do?

1. Write THIS letter to the Managing Director of Acer. Please do not send the letter word-for-word, but use its ideas to formulate your own complaint.

2. I have provided links at the top of the page - one for a ZIP file containing the required firmware, and another giving instructions on how to repair the firmware and hence get your projector working again. If you use the ZIP file contents then please write to Acer's MD.

3. Why not get a group of friends to stand outside some consumer electronics shops with placards stating such ideas as:
 "Acer does not support users of its products, even when it is Acer's own faulty software which causes its products to fail."

Please note that I cannot undertake giving any personal instruction on how to use the ZIP file contents, nor will I accept any responsibility for any loss or damage caused: you do it at your own risk!


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